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Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Every business starts as an idea inside the mind of the entrepreneur.

Just looking at your business in a different way will enable you to consolidate, grow and position your business better in your own mind, your customer's mind and in the mind of potential clients.

During the business concept phase, you have to fly in your head, brainstorm and think out of the box.

But there's more ...

A mind mapped business plan will allow you to see the whole picture and explore each component of the business plan while keeping the relationship between the various components intact.

Mapping your mind allows you to explore your idea, structure and document it, and then use it to communicate it all to others.

• Map your Marketing Plan

• Map your Ideal Customer

• Map your Operations Manual

• Map your Organizational Plan

• Mind Map your CRM strategy

And keep in mind that marketing evolved through the years and has moved through the following phases:

• Production Concept - Customers will buy if products are widely available and inexpensive.

• Product Concept - The best product will win.

• Marketing Concept - The company with the best customer value will win.

• Customer Concept - Company's that build lifetime value for a customer will win as everybody has a share of the same customer.

• Societal Marketing Concept - Not only must a company look at the customer's lifetime value, they must also look at society's and the environment's needs.

A good marketing strategy starts on a mind map.

Eventually You will be able to communicate your business concept with passion, as you are trying to sell it to others.

Using this technique will let you see your Business Plan in a new light.

• It will serve as a working document to run your business.

• More commonly, it can be used to obtain funding from financial institutions.

Where are you?

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